The [Regional] Council is located in the Coastal Plain Region, and is called "Brenner" akin to the Kibbutz where it is situated – Kibbutz Givat Brenner, which is named after the author Yosef Haim Brenner who was killed in the 1921 riots.
The Council extends over an area of 36,000 dunams (36 sq. km). The settlement is bounded on the north by Rehovot and on the south by Gedera, and lies between Mazkeret Batya in the east and Yavne in the west. Similarly, the Brenner Regional Council borders the following regional councils: Gezer in the east, Nahal Sorek in the south east, Gederot in the south, Hevel Yavne in the west and Gan Rave in the north west.
The Council's jurisdiction covers six settlements:

Kibbutz [collective settlement] – Givat Brenner
Kevutza – Kevutzat Shiller (Kibbutz)
Workers' Moshavim (cooperative settlements) – Kederon, Beit Elazari and Bnaya
And a village – Kfar Givton

Likewise, the Council provides services to the residents of the Families Housing Complex on the Tel Nof Army Base.
The Council is populated by roughly 6,000 residents, and is growing steadily, as a result of expanded construction in the settlements.
The population has grown by 50% in recent years, and the moshavim (cooperative settlements) of Bnaya, Kidron and Beit Elazari have been expanded. Moreover, the Council is about to undergo an additional phase of growth – of up to an additional 8,500 residents, upon the approval and implementation of the expansion plans in Givat Brenner and Kfar Givton.