Kfar Tavor

Kfar Tavor is a veteran moshava (agricultural colony) that was established in 1901 as one of the moshavot of the Baron. The moshava's development is currently experiencing renewed momentum and it has been absorbing hundreds of families, in addition to those who were integrated into the settlement over the past decade. These processes have increased the number of residents from 1000 to today’s estimated population of 4000.

The moshava, stretching over the foot of the unique Tavor Mountain, "which other mountains exceed in height but not in beauty”, is situated on the thoroughfare leading from the central region of Israel to the north. It is immersed in vegetation and flowers, and one may take in the breathtaking landscapes which the settlement overlooks from all sides.

The beauty of this locality and its unique tourist attractions make it an appealing site for tourists visiting Kfar Tavor.

Council Treasurer: Shlomo Elkahar

Telephone: 04-6769991