Rechasim was planned as a garden town in 1947 by the British Mandate in collaboration with the Jewish National Fund.
In 1952, the first settlers entered the town, including discharged soldiers and residents of the Kfar Hasidim (Alef & Bet) Maabarot (refugee absorption/transition camps).

Rechasim is located about 12 km outside Haifa, in proximity of Nesher and Kiryat Ata. The town was named "Rechasim" due to its topographical features – it is built on several mountain ranges.
In recent years, there has been a great deal of population momentum, and new neighborhoods have sprung up. The settlement's population is currently estimated at 10,000 residents. The vast majority of the residents are ultra-Orthodox and the rest are religious and secular individuals who live together in mutual respect.

Rechasim also serves as a vacation spot for the ultra-Orthodox population from all over Israel due to the services it has to offer, such as: flourishing Torah institutions, proximity to graves of the righteous (Tzadikim), proximity to separate beaches, parks, and a breathtaking and tranquil landscape.

Council Treasurer: David Hutiner

Telephone: 04-8308404