Mey Hof Hacarmel

The Hof Hacarmel Regional Council stretches over roughly 190 thousand dunams (190 sq. km). The Council's western boundary extends along the coast, from Kfar Galim in the north, to Caesarea in the south, whereas in the east the limits extend from Kibbutz Beit Oren, on the peaks of the Carmel, to Bat Shlomo in the south east.
The Regional Council boasts a population of 27,000 residents who reside in 9 moshavim (cooperative settlements), 8 kibbutzim (Collective settlements), 2 moshavim shitufiim (combination of moshav + kibbutz), 3 boarding schools, the Ein Hod Artists' Village, 2 municipal settlements (Caesarea and Atlit), and the Arab village – Ein Hod, Kfar Galim.