Hof Hacarmel

The Hof Hacarmel Regional Council extends over an area of roughly 190 thousand dunams (19 sq. km). The Council is bounded on the west by the coast, extending from Kfar Galim in the north to Caesarea in the south, whereas to the east, it runs from Kibbutz Beit Oren on the hilltop of Mt. Carmel and all the way to Bat Shlomo in the south east.
The Regional Council boasts a population of 20,708 residing in 25 settlements: 9 moshavim (cooperative settlements), 8 kibbutzim (collective settlements), 2 moshavim shitufiim (combination of kibbutz and moshav), 3 boarding schools, Ein Hod Artists' Village, 2 municipal settlements (Caesarea and Atlit), and an Arab village – Ein Hod, Kfar Galim.
The Council stretches over a large area with unique features, extending from Carmel Park, 42 km along the coastline and bay. The Regional Council maintains a quiet rural way of life with green open spaces and promotes the development of rural and coastal tourism.

The Council has opened financial branches such as:

1. The company for the treatment of “the coastal waters of the Carmel”.
2. The tourism Association “Carmelim”.
3. The company “Carmel Roads” – a cooperative company for development works.

The Council’s development works focus mainly on setting up sewage systems in the settlements and regional sewage systems.

Treasurer: Danny Adler