Kiryat Arba

The Kiryat Arba Local Council boasts a population of roughly 6,500 residents - 1,350 wonderful families. This population constitutes a genuine cross-section of the general Israeli population – religious and secular, veteran citizens and new immigrants from all over the world. About 500 residents live in the actual city of Hevron. The settlement has an extensive and diverse education system, from Emunah National Religious Women's Organization and Herut Ladies' Israeli Society Day Cares, through preschools and kindergartens of different educational streams, five primary schools, two high schools with junior high schools (an Ulpana – Girls' School and a Yeshiva High School), a Hesder Yeshiva (yeshiva program combining military service with Torah studies), a Teachers' Seminary, a midrasha (college of Jewish studies) for women and other yeshivot and midrashot. In the cultural arena, there is a community center that runs numerous extracurricular classes and activities, a music center, after-school clubs for teens and day activity centers for seniors, as well as youth movements: "Bnei Akiva", "Ariel", and "Beitar", sports auditoriums and fields, fitness clubs, a heated indoor swimming pool, a sporting shooting range, tennis courts and a large public library.
The Kirya has an industrial zone and a commercial center with numerous plants specializing in diverse fields such as: wood, metals, printing presses, wineries, auto garages, etc.
The industrial zone also serves as a hotbed of technological innovations where many research projects are conducted. Many people earn their livelihood as employees of local services located in nearby settlements and in Jerusalem.