The Megiddo Regional Council is situated in the Ramat Menashe region. Its jurisdiction stretches over 170,000 dunams (170 sq. km) extending between Yokneam Illit in the north, Emek Yizrael (the Jezreel Valley) in the east, Wadi Ara in the south, and the Carmel Mountain Range in the west. About 9600 residents live in the Council region, dispersed among nine kibbutzim (collective settlements), three moshavim (cooperative settlements) and one moshava (agricultural colony). The Regional Council is named after the ancient city of Megiddo. The city ruins are within the Council's jurisdiction, in proximity to Kibbutz Megiddo. Hanan Erez of Kibbutz Hazorea serves as the Council Chairman; he was appointed to the position in 2004.