Mate Asher

The Mateh Asher Regional Council was established in 1982 as a merger of three local councils: the Sulam Tzur Local Council; the Naaman Local Council; the Gaaton Local Council.

Mateh Asher accommodates 32 settlements: 19 kibbutzim (collective settlements), 9 moshavim (cooperative settlements), 2 communal settlements and 2 Arab villages.
Territory under its jurisdiction: 220,000 dunams (220 sq. km)
Population – some 20,000 residents

The Council extends from the coastline on the west, to the mountain range on the Maalot-Carmiel continuum in the east, and from the Krayot in the south to the border with Lebanon in the north. The Council's land area borders on the cities of – Acre and Nahariya, the Regional Councils – Maale Yosef, Misgav and Zevulun, and the local councils – Shlomi, Kfar Yasif and others. The region is hilly, with natural forests and natural sites – the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra, Keshet Cave, Kziv Stream, Betzet Stream and other trails, numerous nature reserves and parks – Nahal Yehiam Nature Reserve, Rosh Hanikra National Park, the Achziv National Park and natural and tidy beaches – Achziv Beach, Batzat Beach and it is adjacent to Nahariya Beach.