The Gezer Regional Council was established in Kibbutz Naan in 1949.

The Council is located in the central region of Israel, on the main road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and a short distance from Ben Gurion Airport.

The Council is named after the biblical city of Gezer and at its center lies one of the most prominent archaeological sites in Israel – Tel Gezer.

The Council boundary limits are: to the north – Highway 424 and Ramle, to the south – Bilu Junction, Mazkeret Batya and Highway 411, to the east – Nachshon Junction and Highway 1 and to the west – Ramle and Highway 40.

The Council extends over an area of 130,000 dunams (130 sq. km), home to a population of 25,000 who reside in 25 settlements, including 15 moshavim (cooperative settlements), 6 kibbutzim (collective settlements) and 4 communal settlements.

Council address: Beit Hashmonai zip code 99789

Council Treasurer: David Gamliel

Telephone: 08-9274055