Hof Hasharon

The Hof Hasharon Regional Council is situated in the Central Sharon region, on the coastal plain:

The Council boundaries: in the north – Netanya, in the south – Kfar Shmaryahu, Herzliya and Raanana, in the east – Even Yehuda and the regional councils of Drom Hasharon (South Sharon) and Lev Hasharon (Central Sharon) and in the west – the Mediterranean Sea.
The Council comprises 14 settlements, including 6 moshavim (cooperative settlements), 5 kibbutzim (collective settlements), two communal settlements and an educational institution.

The Council has a total resident population of roughly 10,000 residents.

The Council’s jurisdiction covers an area of 50,000 dunams (50 sq. km)

Council Treasurer – Cohen Doron

Telephone: 09-9596517