Male efraim

Ma'ale Efraim and local council is located between the Jordan Valley and Samaria. Ma'ale Ephraim was founded in 1978 to serve as an urban center Jordan Valley settlements, ridges and eastern slopes of the West Bank, not far from the intersection of the valley and at the foot of Hsrtva. It was declared a local council in 1981 about 200 meters height above sea level and about -490 meters above the Jordan Valley. Instead of meeting arrangement, pre-military, industrial park, and rural tourism center.

Ma'aleh Ephraim military base located near the "Beqa'ot" where unit trains "Kfir" by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), as of December 2012, home to over 1,119 residents Ephraim. According to CBS data as of December 2012, the local council is ranked 5th out of 10 , socio-economic rankings.