Elad is the "seventh star" of the "star settlements" that were established by the Construction and Housing Ministry along a longitudinal axis, starting from Shoham in the south and ending in Harish Katzir in the north. To the east, Elad is adjunct to Highway 444, which leads from Shoham to Rosh Haayin, about 4 km south of Rosh Haayin, and alongside Highway 6.
Elad is governed by a Council comprising 15 members. The Mayor of the Municipality is Rabbi Yitzhak Idan.
The Municipality's jurisdiction covers an area of 2,550 dunams (2.55 sq. km), extending from Highway 444 eastward, and there are plans for 8,000 housing units, according to the approved outline plan and the various urban building plans which have also been approved.
The settlement is geared towards "a religiously-oriented population" (legal definition). Once the housing units are occupied, this settlement’s population is projected to reach an estimated 45,000-50,000. This is a significant statistic, both in terms of the scope [of the settlement] and in terms of timetables. The city's population growth rate has consistently been Israel’s highest in recent years. The city of Elad has won the title of "Five Beauty Stars" for the tenth consecutive year, and this year, it also won the Decade of Excellence Shield, awarded by the "Council for a Beautiful Israel". In addition, the city was awarded the "Banner of Beauty" in 2004.