Drom Hasharon

The Drom Hasharon Local Council was established on the 13th of Nissan 5740, 30 March 1980, as a result of the merger of 3 regional councils that were in operation at the time: “Hayarkon”, “Mifalot Afk”, “Hasharon Hatichon”.

In recent years, the council’s population has grown from an estimated 14,000 residents in 1995 (physical data of the local authorities, 31 December 1995, the Central Bureau of Statistics publication no. 1046) to the current population of an estimated 25,000 residents (data of the Diplomatic Research Center of the population registry of the MOI).

The Council comprises 31 settlements – extending from Tzur Natan in the north to Magshimim in the south – including 20 moshavim (cooperative settlements) and villages, 7 kibbutzim (collective settlements), 3 communal settlements and an academic college (“Beit Berl”).

Treasurer: Yitzhak Egozi; Tel : 03-9000550