• EPR FireWorks

EPR FireWorks

EPR FireWorks

EPR Group is proud to present the newest addition to its long list of municipal software solutions: EPR FireWorks.

EPR FireWorks was built specifically for the unique fire and EMS needs, supplying emergency agencies with the most innovative, comprehensive and integrated records management solution available.

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EPR FireWorks Features:

  • "One-Stop-Shop" - Management, documentation and supervision; All the station's needs in one solution

  • Web solution custom designed for field inspectors

  • Responsive Web design, adaptable for all mobile devices (iOS/Android)

  • Full data integration between website and Desktop Remote-App

  • Pictures taken in the field upload directly to the Desktop Remote-App

  • Friendly UI makes incident documentation simple, efficient and fast

  • Municipal property management module

  • NFIR compatible

EPR FireWorks System Highlights:

Mobile Pre-Plan system allows first responders to “see” a bird's eye view of the location, hydrant locations with GPM data, and turn by turn instructions to the location with the built-in Waze app:

Ability to see a bird's eye view of a location:

Switch to Periscope View to see a 3D image from the ground:

Ability to attach building diagrams, plans and photos to Pre-Plans or Inspections:

Visually see hydrants and GPM data with ability to mark out of service in the field:

Actually see the hydrant out of service without physically being at the location:

Business Intelligence by NFIRS categories with drill down to the actual incident and photos:

For more information on the unique features of EPR FireWorks, click here.